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We recently rebranded Black Star Angus to Stellar Livestock and in the process left some of our older content behind.

If there's anything in particular you are looking for feel free to contact us. We love hearing from colleagues in the beef industry and making new friends!


Recent Posts

Genomics PDS Observations 2022

The Genomics for Commercial Angus PDS continues to provide us with interesting revelations. In this update we look at how selecting replacement heifers with genomics adds significant value to your cull/surplus heifers.

Mineral Supplementation Trial #3

In this 3rd phase of our on-farm mineral supplementation trial, we explored whether there is a benefit to using a combination trace mineral supplement (e.g. Multimin) when we’ve identified that we have only a single mineral deficiency, in our case Selenium (Se).

Resilience in Beef Enterprises

Now is the time to be thinking about strategies to mitigate the impact of future ‘tougher’ times. Here are my thoughts and a virtual tour of some of the investments we’ve made to build resilience in our commercial beef enterprise in recent years.