Useful Tools

Here are a few tools we've developed to help our business.  Hope you find them useful!

Drench Chart

So many parasites, classes, actives and manufacturers! Here’s a summary of drenches relevant to beef producers in SE Australia.

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Critical Mating Weights

This reference table shows critical mating weights as a percentage of mature cow weight.  See also: MLAs More Beef From Pastures

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Gestation Chart

Here's a reference table for a 6 week joining including Bull in and out dates matched to calving start and end dates

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Letter Codes

This table is a useful tool to look-up the birth year of an animal or to double-check you are not putting sires over daughters.

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Recent Posts

Genomics PDS Observations 2022

The Genomics for Commercial Angus PDS continues to provide us with interesting revelations. In this update we look at how selecting replacement heifers with genomics adds significant value to your cull/surplus heifers.

Mineral Supplementation Trial #3

In this 3rd phase of our on-farm mineral supplementation trial, we explored whether there is a benefit to using a combination trace mineral supplement (e.g. Multimin) when we’ve identified that we have only a single mineral deficiency, in our case Selenium (Se).

Resilience in Beef Enterprises

Now is the time to be thinking about strategies to mitigate the impact of future ‘tougher’ times. Here are my thoughts and a virtual tour of some of the investments we’ve made to build resilience in our commercial beef enterprise in recent years.