Stellar Quicksilver Q7
Stellar Quicksilver Q7 working cows November 2023


Elite Carcase, Growth, Structure, Moderate Mature Cow Weight

Quicksilver is an exciting AI sire bred by Stellar Livestock. 

An IMF ebv of +5.4 might be what gets him noticed, but this bull has many strings to his bow including a heap of traits in the top 10% of the breed. 

On the carcase front, he combines leading  IMF with massive Eye Muscle Area and big carcase weight.

In the paddock, he combines breed average Birthweight with impressive 200 and 400 Day weights.  Importantly, he does this efficiently with a moderate Mature Cow Weight around +100.

Few bulls with this combination of performance do it on such sound structural EBVs: Quicksilver has Foot Angle in the 7th percentile and good claw and leg rankings.

And, let’s not forget his beautiful temperament.  

Having now assessed his first crop of sons, we are thrilled at how consistently these traits have been passed on to his progeny.  They were all docile and 100% of the cohort scored 5s and 6s (nothing worse) for their structure.

Stellar Quicksilver Q7 is available exclusively from Alta Genetics Australia.

  • Top 2% Intra-muscular Fat
  • Top 3% Eye Muscle Area
  • Top 2% Heavy Grain Index
  • Top 7% Angus Breeding Index
  • Top 7% Heavy Grass Index
  • Top 5% 200 Day Weight
  • Top 8% 400 Day Weight
  • Top 2% Docility
  • Top 7% Foot Angle

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