R drop Sale Bulls

2021 Spring Sale Bulls

This Spring we are excited to offer 25 excellent yearling bulls bred for maternal efficiency, carcase quality and growth. The offering comprises a good number of all-rounders, heifer specialists and some big growth EBV bulls suitable for cows. The bulls are for sale by private treaty. Please don’t hesitate to contact Julian on 0418 331 311.

The quality of the R drop bulls was a significant step-up on previous years despite the increased number presented for sale.  Most scored 5s and 6s in their independent structural assessments. The line-up includes sons of 38 Special, 44 Envision, GAR Phoenix, GAR Prophet, Rennylea L519 and our own standing sires including Milky Way (JCAL8).

The new Angus Maternal Breeder Plus (AMB+) selection index is strongly aligned to our breeding objectives.  The index is designed to identify animals that will improve overall profitability in the majority of commercial, self replacing, grass and grain finishing beef production systems. Daughters are retained for breeding and therefore female traits are of importance. The AMB+ index is similar to the AMB index, but includes an additional objective of maintaining mature cow weight, whereas the AMB index does not aim to limit the increase in mature cow weight. Learn more about it at angusaustalia.com.au.

The trait distribution for the 25 bulls offered this Spring is remarkable with numerous top 1 percenters and the biggest distribution (9 bulls) in the top 5%.  17 of the 25 bulls are in the top 15%.  

About the bulls

  • 13-14 months old and at least 500kgs – ready to work
  • Registered HBR or APR – female progeny will be eligible for export
  • Fully performance recorded in BreedPlan
  • Genome sequenced – Parent verified and enhanced EBVs
  • Free of all known adverse genetic disorders either by test or by inheritance
  • Independently structurally assessed by Liam Cardile of Beef Excel
  • Independently vet checked for reproductive soundness by Dr Brad Goonan
  • Tested to ensure they are not BVDV PIs (not persistently infected with pestivirus
  • Vaccinated with Pestiguard, Vibrovac and Ultravac 7-in-1 
  • Treated with 5 classes of worm and fluke drench (ML, BZ, LEV, Triclabendazole, Clorsulon) during the last 6 months to prevent resistant parasites
  • Finished on grass and ready for your environment
  • Free delivery for bulls purchased before 30 October 2021.

Please don’t be shy as the bull selling season is coming to a close and the demand has been red hot all year.

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