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Cydectin Platinum

I spotted a brochure for a new product at my local farm supplies store this week and thought it might be worth bringing to your attention. Cydectin Platinum is a dual acting drench that combines two classes of drench: Moxidectin (ML) and Levamisole (LEV).

There’s a few points of interest:

  1. It’s a convenient product to help manage drench resistance
  2. It’s a new carrier which is stickier, half the volume and absorbed more quickly.
  3. They’ve conducted the first new product registration trials in decades.

Read on to hear my thoughts on why this product is worth your consideration. As always, consult your vet/advisor for qualified recommendations.


Pour-ons get a bad rap but I think they have their place. We use them at weaning to reduce stress on the calves and ourselves. We also use them in winter because topical applications are better than injections or oral drenches for targeting biting lice. I’ve written at length about our current parasite management strategy here.

Arguments about efficacy need close scrutiny. It’s my understanding that against Cooperia, single acting injectables and pour-ons are both about half as effective as oral drenches – this is where the negative view stems from. However, against Ostertagia, all methods (inc pour-ons) are nearly 100% effective when application is correct. The addition of LEV to a ML pour-on resolves the poor results against Cooperia.

I recently heard Matt Playford from Dawbuts claim in an Ag Vic webinar that pour-on drenches are mostly absorbed by animals licking it off the backs of other cattle. This myth was disproved in NZ research in 2012. Apparently, the myth stemmed from European observations of cattle confined in close proximity indoors.

Drench Resistance

Drench resistance is a growing risk in Southern Australia but it can be mitigated by using a combination of drenches. For example, in most cases we can kill a nematode that is resistant to one class (e.g. ML) with a drench from another class (e.g. LEV).

My older post previously mentioned above talks about how we make sure our young stock get drenched with all 3 classes of drench in their first 13 months of age. This new Cydectin Platinum product may give cause to revise our plan to apply LEV as Cydectin Plantinum in early Winter rather than as a 2nd pour-on at weaning.


A quick price check at my local farm supplier indicates that Cydectin Platinum will be more cost effective than applying two seperate products of ML and LEV.

Conflict of Interest Statement

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